Transforming procrastination into progress

How learning to take action changed my life


6/21/20242 min read

In the last four years, one of the best lessons I’ve learned is how to take action on tasks I’ve been procrastinating, despite knowing they will substantially improve my future. Here’s how I turned things around and how you can too.

Recognising the Problem

We all have tasks we avoid. The problem is that avoiding some of these tasks can have a negative compounding effect on our lives. In my case, it was my financial situation. Despite earning a decent amount of money, my fear of numbers kept me from regularly checking my bank accounts and opening important letters. This, of course, led to overspending, constant worry, and a lack of confidence in my future.

Overcoming Fears

No matter what your Achilles’ heel is, we can all overcome the fears that hold us back. Here’s a step-by-step approach that worked for me:

  1. Admit and List

First, admit to yourself what tasks you’ve been avoiding and make a list of them. Acknowledging the problem is the first step to solving it.

  1. Prioritise

Choose the top task that will have the most impact on your life if done regularly and well. For me, it was managing my finances.

  1. Break It Down

Break that task down into all its components. Understanding each part makes the task less daunting.

  1. Identify Knowledge Gaps

For each component, ask yourself: What knowledge am I lacking to take action on this? Often, a lack of knowledge is what holds us back. I realised I needed to understand basic arithmetic better to manage my finances.

Taking Action

Once you identify your knowledge gaps, break down the first task further to the smallest actionable step.

  1. Start Small

In my case, I decided to relearn basic arithmetic. I found a good teacher on YouTube and started from the very basics. Yes, 1+1=2! Putting my ego aside and re-educating myself helped me build confidence.

  1. Find the Right Teacher

Find the right teacher for you. Be ready to learn and remember, it doesn’t matter how small the start is. In fact, the smaller, the better. As you progress, your fears will subside, and you may even start enjoying tasks you once dreaded.

Simple but Effective

This approach might seem simple, but it works. We all carry fears, many from our early years. As adults, we have the power to change, grow, and learn new ways. I might never be a maths whiz, but feeling confident about my finances has substantially lowered my stress levels, improved my financial health, and set me up for a bright future.

Building Confidence and Skills

The confidence I gained from this process has encouraged me to keep going. I’ve tackled more skills I thought would be beneficial but assumed I had no talent for. I don’t aim to be the world’s best writer, accountant, or flautist. I want to develop skills that will help me create the life I desire and become as valuable as I can be for others.


Taking action on tasks we procrastinate can transform our lives. Identify your fears, break down tasks, and start small. You have the power to change, grow, and learn. What task will you tackle today?