Pay Yourself First


4/12/20241 min read

It has taken me years to recognise, comprehend, and begin practising the straightforward yet fundamental concept of ‘paying myself first.’

Waiting for a higher salary, easier circumstances, or government aid strips away our sense of self-worth and steers us away from the chance to learn taking responsibility, accountability, and self-control—essential traits for a life of purpose and prosperity.

‘Paying yourself first’ entails prioritising saving and investing a portion of your income before allocating funds to other expenses.

Can you envision not dedicating time and effort to refine your tone and technique, crucial for enhancing your instrumental skills? By directing a portion of your income towards savings and investments (such as assets, education, or a new instrument), you’re not just nurturing your financial savvy but also strengthening your path toward a flourishing musical career. Establishing a financial safety net equips you to seize opportunities and navigate life’s uncertainties with assurance. Furthermore, expanding your investments empowers you to shift from exchanging time for money to leveraging assets for financial security, affording you the rare artistic freedom that musicians aspire to attain.