Daily reflections

4/8/20241 min read

For classical musicians, regular, daily practice is the cornerstone of our musical journey, paving our way toward mastery and unlocking our full artistic potential.

When we commit to practising every day with an open, positive, and curious mindset, we equip ourselves to tackle the inevitable challenges of mastering our craft both in and out of the practice room. By embracing setbacks, such as a difficult passage or a performance hiccup, we enhance our ability to learn from our mistakes. Keeping an open and curious mindset, not only reaffirm our control over our musical development but also uncover new avenues for artistic expression and refinement.

However, if we allow ourselves to succumb to a closed-off, negative and indifferent mindset, each new musical and life challenge can feel insurmountable, ultimately hindering our progress and leaving us perplexed by how far we’ve strayed from our innate musical capabilities and perhaps even our passion for music.