Mindful beginnings

Daily reflections


4/9/20241 min read

  1. Take three deep breaths and relax your face and shoulders.

  2. Remind yourself why you are going to practice/perform/have a lesson/teach.

  3. Plan each session - what’s today’s goal?

  4. Will this goal bring me closer to where I want to go?

  5. What am I avoiding improving in myself?

  6. Remember that “Practice doesn’t make perfect, practice makes permanent.”

  7. Close your eyes and imagine a successful practice session.

  8. And for when it feels harder: “In theory, consistency is about being disciplined, determined, and unwavering. In practice, consistency is about being adaptable. Don’t have much time? Scale it down. Don’t have much energy? Do the easy version. Find different ways to show up depending on the circumstances. Let your habits change shape to meet the demands of the day. Adaptability is the way of consistency.” James Clear