Making Decisions


5/19/20242 min read

Decision-making is never easy, and most decisions we make go unnoticed. However, for young classical musicians, every small choice can significantly impact their musical journey and overall well-being. It's crucial to remember that repeated actions have a compounding effect, making it more likely that we will continue to make those same choices. This underscores the importance of being mindful about even the smallest decisions, as they collectively shape our progress and health.

Great musicians aren’t born overnight just because they have talent. They practise daily, and with intentional practice, they improve over time. The same principle applies to our health. We don’t become unhealthy overnight. Unless we are born with a medical condition or are exposed to a severe virus, our choices in our consumption of food, information (what we watch, listen and read) and how physically active we are shape our overall health.

Despite popular belief, our genes play a minor role in determining the outcome of our lives. If you have musical talent and consistently practise while seeking ways to improve, you’ll maximise that talent. Without hard work, no amount of talent will take you beyond a certain point, which most dedicated musicians reach by the time they are twenty. Similarly, in health, having a family history of illness doesn’t mean you’ll inevitably develop it. Contemporary illnesses are more closely linked to diet and lifestyle. Since we often adopt our dietary habits from our family, it might seem as if our genes are the cause of recurring illnesses while it's our lifestyle choices that play a more significant role.

To pave your path towards maximising your musical and personal potential, pay attention to the small decisions you make daily. This means taking responsibility for the outcomes in your life and being accountable for them. Educate yourself to how to judge the information from experts, recognise gaps in your knowledge, and feel confident in making informed decisions. Regular self-checks are essential. If you’re not happy with the results in your life, change your actions by evaluating your choices, habits, and mindset.

The journey of a young classical musician is profoundly shaped by the importance of decision-making, particularly the small, everyday choices that often go unnoticed. These seemingly minor decisions—whether they pertain to your practice habits, nutritional choices, or mental health routines—collectively determine your overall well-being and artistic progress. By cultivating awareness and intentionality in these daily decisions, you build a solid foundation for enduring success and growth. Prioritising these small yet significant choices enables you to sustain the high energy demands of your craft, express yourself more fully, and engage deeply with your audience. Remember, it is through these consistent, mindful decisions that you truly unlock your potential, not only as a musician but as a thriving, resilient individual.